Q: What can I get from Barnabas Insurance Services that I can’t get from my current broker?

A: There are a lot of good brokers out there, but none of them are focused exclusively on physicians or their insurance needs like Barnabas Insurance Services. Other than Medical Malpractice, premiums are relatively small and physicians often don't get the kind of attention and service that Barnabas Insurance Services provides. Because we are focused only on affiliated physicians of Barnabas Health as a specialized group, we pay a lot of attention and deliver outstanding service.

Q: How different can the coverage really be? Aren’t policies pretty standard?

A: Yes, most package policies for physicians' offices are standardized regardless of which insurance company's name is on the policy. However, Barnabas Insurance Services has developed a package that is unique and customized exclusively for affiliated physicians of Barnabas Health. We designed the policy from the ground up to provide coverage that is broader than what the typical "off-the-shelf" product provides.

Q: What types of exposures do I face that might not be properly covered now?

A: Most brokers provide a Business Owners Policy (known as a "BOP"), Workers' Compensation, and perhaps an umbrella policy for higher liability limits. But today's world demands that attention be paid to risks such as invasion of privacy, cyber liability, employee allegations of discrimination or sexual harassment, and many others.

Q: Sounds great, but isn’t all of that expensive?

A: Not necessarily. Our goal is to provide a tightly knit, superior insurance program at a cost comparable to, or even less than, what you are currently paying.

Q: How do I know what I’m really getting?

A: We insist on honestly and fully comparing your present insurance program with ours, as respects both coverage and cost, so you can be sure you're not just getting promises.

Q: What are the advantages of a single source for all of my insurance?

A: Your current broker may not be handling all of your insurance policies. Rather, you may be getting malpractice insurance from one source, automobile from another, and office coverages from yet another. This results in an uncoordinated approach that can create coverage gaps and an administrative burden for your office staff. Relying on one knowledgeable source, focused exclusively on physicians' offices, can eliminate these problems and make insurance a worry-free area of your office operations.